MLK Ride


Well, the weather report said it was going to be sunny and 58 degrees. As you can see by these pics, it was NEVER sunny, and only got up to about 50 degrees. Here's Ed and Roy after filling up on gas and McD's.


Roy was wondering if we should just head home from here. But, we thought it would be fun to go to Chico.
Ed couldn't believe we were going out in this weather. On my way to Yuba City, it was 44 degrees, and 88 percent humidity. Brrrrr.


Ed and I getting ready to take off. I really hope that this place to eat in Chico is as good as Ed says.


On the way to Chico. Foggy the whole way.


Roy had to stop at the Volvo place to get an oil filter. It was a good place to stop, warm up a little, and use the little biker room.


Roy, leading us down the Esplanade. He used to live here when he was going to college.


Here's Ed, bringing up the rear.
This is our destination. We finally found Smokin' Mo's.


We all got the lunch special, which consisted of 3 Carolina Ribs, shaved pork, cole slaw, and cornbread with honey mustard spread. We watched the first half of the King's game and had a really good lunch.


Here's Roy after lunch. He kind of looks like the Michelin Man! On the way home, there were all of these white birds in a rice field. Really neat to see. They aren't moving because they are frozen in the water! :-)


Roy and Ed getting ready to head home after gassing up. Me and Ed. About 200 miles for me on a very cold, foggy, and dreary day. My fingertips are still tingly from the cold!