6th Annual Memorial Day Ride


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Started doing this ride a few years ago in honor of my Dad. He died on Memorial Day in 1974, so I started taking this ride in his honor. If I couldn't get out on exactly Memorial Day or Memorial Day weekend, I would go as soon as I could. Some years, the weather just doesn't cooperate. 438 miles.


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The day started out bright and sunny.


Approaching the rock quarry


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Coming up to New Melones Lake.



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Coming in to old town Sonora.


After a snack at Burger King, on my way over Hwy 108.


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Roads and traffic were like this the whole way.


Cool waterwheels for sale.


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Fantastic views.


Weather and roads were perfect. Cool rock formations along the way.


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Had to stop and rest the Chatterbox.


Riding through the dug out part of the mountain.


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There was a lot of snow on the mountains.


Great snow scenery wherever you look.


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Starting to head in to the snow.


Lots of water flowing from the snow melt.


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High snow banks along the way.


Clouds started getting heavy.


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Even with the clouds, the scenery was still gorgeous.


"Helmet Art."


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After turning on to 395 toward Walker, got a good pic of the Walker River.


Approaching Walker Burger.


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Walker burger, onion rings, and a diet soda.


Heading toward Monitor Pass on Hwy 89.


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Approaching the summit looking back toward the valley.


Edward riding around Lake Tahoe. He headed home at this point and we headed around the lake.


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View of Lake Tahoe.


Approaching Emerald Bay.


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Emerald Bay.


Closer shot of the waterfall. It's really flowing this time of year.


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Approaching the Donner Summit overlook. There was still a lot of snow left on the mountain.