5th Annual Memorial Day Ride 2009


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A little background on this ride. I started doing this ride in 2003, and although I skipped a couple of years, it has become my annual tradition. I take this ride in memory of my Dad. My Dad died on Memorial Day in 1974, so I do this ride in memory of him around Memorial Day weekend. Some years, the road is closed or the weather doesn't cooperate. But when the road is open and it's not raining, it's a full day of fantastic scenery, smooth and windy roads, and a really tired butt. This year was 388 miles.


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Woke up and got out on the road around 8am. It was a little cool in the morning and a perfect day for riding.


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Missed the logging museum in White Pines, but might have to stop by there one day.


Old church on the way to Angel's Camp.
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Michael's Cycles in Angels Camp. He had bikes on the porch...did he ride them down the stairs to test ride them?


USPS in Angels Camp....or as the sign says...Ange s Cam. But more importantly, had to make the big decision...continue on, or stop and watch Star Trek at the theater??? It's #5 on the sign. :)


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Approaching the quarry.


New Melones Lake.


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Cool rock wall just before crossing over New Melones Lake. Just before hitting Sonora, traffic slowed. This truck took a corner too fast and ended up in the ditch.


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Old town Sonora.


Had to stop for a train.


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Thought we would be here a while, but it was just a baby train. Passed through historic Jamestown after taking a wrong turn. Saw this hanging guy on the building.


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Finally on Hwy 108 just outside of Sonora. Rock formations like this the whole way.


There were only a few bikes out today. This is one of them
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One thing I didn't think about climbing down to the overlook, is that I'd have to climb back up.


Approaching Sonora Pass.
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Roads like this the whole way. The weather was still really nice at this point.


First glimpse of snow.


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Nice windy roads to the snow.


Road, snow, cool breeze, rushing creek. Perfect day.


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This road is like this the entire way over Sonora Pass. I tried to get this shot last year but my stupid camera was in preview mode and I missed it. Got it this year! The waterfall in the background, snow, and rushing water make for a really cool picture.


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Snow was everywhere.


More waterfalls. So pretty.


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Cool waterfalls.


Nice roads and slight reflection in the mirror.


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Reached Sonora Pass. 9,624 feet in elevation.


Passed this group of bikers on the way down the pass.


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Lots of snow left. Even though there was a lot of snow, it wasn't cold.


Clouds are starting to build up. Great picture of the area.


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Towards the end of Hwy 108, before you get to the Marine base, they laid down new pavement.


Steep downgrades from time to time, but it makes for a very fun ride.
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Lots of hairpin turns.


Nice view of the valley.


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Long, flat, road just before the Marine training camp.


Meandering river in the valley.


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Walker River on Hwy 395.


Big rock formations as you wind through the valley.


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Nice roads on Hwy 395 with some great views of Walker River.




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Coming in to Walker, this is supposed to be a really good BBQ place. I'll probably try this when we're up here another time.


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I always eat at Walker Burger. Got here just about 10 minutes before Edward.


Walker Burgers' dining patio. This water tower looks like it feeds the drinking fountain on the left.
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Garbage can in the patio looks like an at&t commercial.


Molly and Rosa, staff at Walker Burger. Molly drew this picture. It's a bit disturbing, but a very good drawing. Of course, I told Rosa that, for being so cute, Molly is a bit warped!




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This is what Molly drew in about 2 minutes. I'm sure it will be worth a lot when she becomes a famous artist!


Edward getting ready to leave Walker Burger.
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Front of the Country Store where we got gas. Inside, Sheryl and Carla. They were so nice, and Edward and I purchased a lotto ticket since all the places that seem to win have a bait and tackle sign out front. These ladies told us not to forget them if we win...we didn't win. But we'll be back next year to say hi.


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Heading to Hwy 89 to go over Monitor Pass, the sky looks a bit ominous.


Edward riding behind us just before turning on to Hwy 89.


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On Hwy 89 heading up to the overlook.


New picture for Edward's BON profile?


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Edward taking off towards Markleeville. Turned left on Hwy 4 towards Angels Camp.


Nice water ways on the way to Angels Camp.


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Ebbetts Pass...8,730 feet in elevation.


There was still a lot of snow on the ground.


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Great pic of Lake Alpine.


Bear Valley bear.


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Grizzly Station in Arnold.


Looks like a new bypass around Angels Camp.


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Looks like a Speed Racer outfit!


About to pass under the bridge.


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Beautiful weather the whole day. Leaving Amador City and heading home. 12 hours of fantastic views, smooth roads, and perfect weather.