Memorial Day 2007



I think this is going to have to be an annual tradition. This is such a beautiful ride. 325 miles of great scenery, good friends, and good food.


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Met Ripper and Fonzi and we headed out to get Fred. Got to Fred's house and Sam was the only one home. Doc and Fred went to get gas. Sam is checking out Ripper's customized Road Star.


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Ripper, Doc, Sam, Fred, and Fonzi talking about the bike.


Hwy 16 on our way to Plymouth.


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Beautiful day as we roll in to Plymouth.


Ripper and Doc hamming it up just before breakfast.


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Fred and Fonzi would not be shown up by the other two!


Ripper's "old man" breakfast.


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My breakfast!


Doc is trying to block the sun so Ripper can read his clock.


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Nice day and the roads were pretty clear.


Coming in to a small town.


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Fred and Doc bringing up the rear.


More beautiful scenery.


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Not a lot of snow this year.


Pretty barren.


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Coming in to Markleeville.


These kids went crazy when we rolled up. Ripper felt like a rock star!


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Fred wore his Markleeville shirt. Must have been fate we end up here.


Doc leaving the ice cream shop.


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Notice the missing bolt? This is on Rippers new custom bike!


Ripper and Fonzi trying to figure out what happened.


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Heading over Monitor Pass.




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Long stretch of road.


Didn't stop at the overlook, but I got this pic of the valley.


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Fire area. Fred decided to wash his helmet. It started to get hot, so Fonzi and Fred hung out in the laundry room.


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Had to find shade where we could.


In the forest? Nope, just standing by the mural.


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Fred thinks this is where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.


Getting ready to take off again.


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Nice water.




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Curvy roads.


Snow, but a bit too far away to cool us down.


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Amazing views. Coming down Hwy 108, Fonzi pulls over and has to let his brakes cool. He had no front brake, and this road demands you have a good front brake!


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Fred waiting for Fonzi's brakes to cool


Strawberry stop.


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Nice day.


Long white fence.


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Crossing the water.


Coming in to Angels Camp.


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Getting gas.


Motorcycle GQ.
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My bike.


Ripper on his new custom Road Star.


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