May Day Ride


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320 mile ride started out with a shot of the Sutter Buttes.


Got to Sam's for gas, and saw this guy. When I get older, I want shorts just like his! :)


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Roy in the parking lot getting ready to take off.


Me getting ready to go to Clear Lake.


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Passed our home town of Williams on Hwy 20. 


Colors of the mountains were really weird.


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Roy, along Hwy 20, approaching the Hwy 16 turnoff.


Beautiful views of Clear Lake. Got a bit cold at this point.


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The sign says, "Welcome to Lucerne. Switzerland of America". I took this shot over my left shoulder on the way back from lunch.


Lake County Visitor Info Center. I guess it looks like a building in Switzerland.
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Tulip Hill Winery and Tasting Room. They always have really nice flowers out front.


Approaching Nice.


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Passed this place that sells little bird houses. A LOT of them! Click on the pic to make it bigger. Check out the ducks/geese crossing the street and the lady helping move them along..


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Here they are. Maybe they all have to go to the bathroom and think that building is an outhouse?


Approaching Renee's Diner.


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Great parking in the shade. This meal is so good. Get the brown gravy if they have it. Goes perfect with the fries and the patty melt.


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I think her name is Katie. She was bringing me my refill of Diet Rite cola. As soon as the people left this table, this bird swooped in and gathered up a bunch of food and took it away, then came back and had lunch for itself.


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Me and Roy after lunch.


Pretty colors and the Sutter Buttes.


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Sacramento River outside of Colusa.


Curvy, limited site, road approaching the Sutter Buttes.


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Passed this burning field in Sutter County. Tammy, Reeves, Roy, and me. Tammy started talking to us about the service and sales staff at Guidera's HD. Ends up that she works with Joanne and they all lived in the same house in Grass Valley after Roy and Joanne moved.


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End of my ride, I saw this accident. Big rig and a car.