Malakoff Diggins Pt. 2


This little lake behind us is the weirdest blue color. Doesn't really show up in the pics, but it's neat to see. This water must have a lot of "stuff" in it left over from the strip mining in the area. When we stopped, we met a guy thinking this was the Diggins strip mining operation....we showed him where the real mining pit was!


The guy we met took this picture of us in front of the Diggins strip mining area. He was traveling all over the western states, just looking around. He was amazed at how devastated the area was with whole mountainsides just washed away. Christy would have liked him....seemed like the tree-hugger type! ;-) On the way home, we continued out of North Bloomfield on a dirt road. Not too bad at first, then we hit paved road again. Thought this was going to be a pretty good ride back to Nevada City. The guy we met was following us, and he thought he was lost for good! Anyway, continue on the paved road, hit the gravel road again. Still not too bad, but definitely getting bumpier. All of a sudden, the grade gets really steep, and we are basically avoiding huge holes in the loose dirt road. Dust flying everywhere. I was getting so tossed around, and my bike was bumping, rattling, and sounded like things were falling off....I felt like I was riding a Harley on the freeway! (just kidding, Edward!) So we make it back to Grass Valley and get a chance to look at our bikes. OMG!!!!!! They are filthy!!!!! It's a good thing Edward didn't come with us. He would have never forgiven us for taking him on a road that would get his baby soooo dirty. This was a good time to test out hosing down the that's what I did when I got home. Whew! Still runs and is clean for the first day of school! :) NO MORE DIRT ROADS!!!!!!

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