The Loneliest Road in America


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We have been trying to do this ride for the past 4 years, and this is the year we finally ride, "The Loneliest Road in America". This picture is taken at the Shoe Tree, 40 miles outside of Fallon, NV. 1,083 miles in 4 days.


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The idea to do this ride started with Roy getting this booklet from the Nevada Commission on Tourism. Stop at 5 different cities between Fernley and Ely and get your "passport" stamped, send in the card, and get a Highway 50 Survivor certificate, and a souvenir to commemorate the journey.


You can start from Carson City or Fernley. We started off at Fernley.
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Our trip started out on Sunday, meeting Edward and Ben at the Cisco Grove rest area.


We arrived around 12:45 and took a small break.
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Ben, me, Edward, and Roy.


Ben and Roy behind me on Hampshire Rocks Rd.


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Nice views of the water rushing down the rocks.


Edward giving and getting,  "The Wave", to fellow bikers.


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Approaching the Donner Lake overlook.


Views along Donner Lake were nice.


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Stopped off at KFC for lunch.


Ben bought our lunch. THANKS!


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Roy and Ben passing through the tunnel just outside of Truckee.


Entering Nevada. We felt welcomed. :)


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Riding along the Mt. Rose hwy.


Lots of parachutists and hang gliders taking advantage of the updraft.


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Got to Edward's house and both he and Roy had to work on their HD's. Ed's was just a loose bulb.


Roy's alarm light kept going on for no reason. Had to separate some wires.
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Me and Edward ready to roll.


Dinner on Sunday night.


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Awful Awful and a pound of fries. I ate almost all of the fries. I was VERY uncomfortable after that.


 While stopped at a stoplight on the way to Fernley, got this picture of my odometer.


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Riding along Hwy 80 on the way to Fernley.


Saw this car smoking so bad on the other side of the freeway.


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Finally made it to Fernley on Monday morning. Tried getting our first stamp at the Chamber of Commerce next door to this place. Got yelled at by a *itch...with a capital F, at the physical therapy center next door because we parked in her precious parking lot. Luckily, one of her employees came out and told us about the Wigwam and apologized for her boss. She was very nice...unlike the boss. If you go to Fernley, avoid this spot at all costs!


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The Wigwam was right across the street.


Very friendly waitresses and the food was pretty good.


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 Here's Roy in front of the Wigwam restaurant where we got our first stamp on our passport.


Me in front of our first stop.
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Edward at our first stop. It was already so hot outside.


Me and Edward after breakfast.


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Roy and me getting ready to head to Fallon.


Entering Fallon, NV. They have a Top Gun school here.


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Got our second stamp at this Chevron.


Just outside Fallon, there is a 2-mile wide sand dune.


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Even out in the middle of BFE, I was still able to listen to Les Miz on my XM radio!


Long stretches of road lie ahead.
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Caught this pic of a girl hitchhiking her way across Nevada. We saw her again later in Austin getting a lift from a nice older couple.


About 40 miles outside of Fallon, there's this tree full of shoes.
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This was one of the highlights of our trip.


There must have been a couple thousand pairs of shoes.


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Met Randy from Grass Valley. Come to find out, his kid was in Roy's class. Randy owns the Renegade Classics Outlet in Grass Valley.


Randy in front of the shoe tree.
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All different kinds of shoes were hanging from the tree.


There were a lot of shoes below as well.


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Randy's patch he made.


We must have stayed here for an hour just BS'ing and taking pics.


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Along the way, we passed a lot of bicyclists.


The weather started looking ominous ahead.


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Made for some really nice cloud pictures.


Rain! But it felt really good because it was so freakin' hot!


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We were riding along the Pony Express Trail.


Stopped off at a rest area to take a break.


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Both Roy and Ed wiped their face with their sleeves. Both got their shirts dirty!


Coming in to Austin, NV.


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Small town and only a couple of gas stations.


Stopped at this Shell station and got our 3rd stamp here.


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Stopped at the Toiyabe Cafe for lunch. Split a patty melt and fries with Roy.


The Duke and I split an ice cream cone.


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The picture of the ice cream cone lured us in.


On our way to Eureka, NV. More long, flat, road.


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Eureka, the Friendliest Town on The Loneliest Road.


Small town. Reminded us of a small Virginia City.


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Gas at the Chevron.


She gave us our 4th stamp.


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David and Cindy from Nebraska. Chatted with them for a while. Nice couple. Jacque and Dave from Missouri. Dave's RoadStar had a fuel boilover, so he let his bike sit for a bit.


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More long, empty, flat, stretches of highway. About 20 minutes out of Eureka, Roy calls me on the Chatterbox and asks if the wind was making my bike squirrelly. I told him it wasn't too bad. When I pulled up behind him, I noticed the rear of his bike weaving a lot. I got a little closer and saw his tire was flat.


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We pulled over and the two couples we just met came by and stopped to help. Yay!


The valve core was sticking up above the valve stem, so we were trying to screw it back in.


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Laura and David from Pennsylvania also stopped to help.


Cindy was documenting this drama almost as much as I was!


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It total, we had 7 bikes and 11 people helping us out. Finally got back on the road thanks to Doug's tire repair kit. He could only go about 60mph though.


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David, Cindy, Doug, and Jacque, behind us as we head to Ely. Finally made it to Ely and found a Yamaha shop open. No mechanics, but this nice guy let us use some tools and his air compressor. Tightened up the valve core and filled up with air.


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Laura and David in the hotel across the street from our. Laura and I tried to the parking lot! But it wouldn't work, so we had to do it the old-fashioned way...enter in our information manually in to our iPhones. :)


Our hotel, The Bristlecone. Nice place, good rates, free internet.
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Tuesday morning we woke up early and got to the tire place to fix Roy's tire. The guy there was shaky, old, and moved really slowly. He had to go to the auto parts place to get some tools, but he was the one that discovered that the top of Roy's valve stem was sheared off. That's why the valve core was sticking out above the valve stem. So he tightened up the valve core and filled up the tire and said we should check the core at every stop. Roy bought a valve core remover tool from him.


Stopped at McD's for breakfast before heading back to Reno.
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Passed the Yamaha store on the way out of town.


Tunnel in the rock for the train.


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Is this an outhouse?


Rain threatened almost the whole way to Eureka.


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Coming in to Eureka, had to stop for some road work. Roy checked his valve core after getting gas. Turned about 1/4 of a turn. After this it was fine the rest of the way.


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Stopped and talked to these guys for a while. The guy on the left is from San Diego. As we were chatting, the Sheriff rolled up and said, "you bikers come in to town and bring all the rain!" Nice guy. Chatted with us for quite a while. He organizes a car show. Information can be found here.


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Sheriff Ken Jones' office. He said to stop by the next time we're in town. On the way out of town, he was on the other side of the road and as we passed, he flashed his lights at us to say goodbye. :)


Cool rock formations break up the long, straight, roads.
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Coming in to Austin. Funny sign. Motorcycle helmet is on the post next to it.


Had to stop and get another ice cream cone.


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Hwy 50...The Loneliest Road in America.


Clouds made for some nice pictures.


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Stopped at the shoe tree again to take a butt break. A lot of people wrote things in the side of the dirt with dark rocks. This goes on for a few miles.


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This is around the Top Gun training area.


Click on the pic and you can see the two jets chasing each other.


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This RV stopped in the middle of the road.


Reverse angle shows a dented bumper!


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Passing the perfect place for Ed! Stopped again for gas in Fallon. This lady remembered us from when we stopped here the day before.


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It's weird passing semi's with 3 trailers.


Just thought this was funny.


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Dropped Roy's bike off at the HD store and went to dinner.


Roy left his keys with the dealership, so he had to cut his lock off his bag!


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While we were picking up Roy's bike the next day. Who says you have to wear long pants with chaps.


Heading home, view of Lake Tahoe while riding over Mt. Rose.
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Cute sign with the bears.


Finally back in California.


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Traffic was really bad on the freeway. There was construction on Hwy 20 too. Stopped at Dairy Queen in Truckee to get one last ice cream cone. Found great parking too.


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Bottom side of the bridge at the Donner Lake overlook.


Nice area in old town Auburn.


Pictures and Commentary from Jacque and Doug
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Eureka, Nevada gas stop.  Met three brothers from CA.  Actually the second stop with them.  First was in the Toiyabe cafe in Austin, NV along Hwy 50.  Paul, the tech guru, had his picture taken there with a life sized portrait of John Wayne.


The flat!  Thank God it was a slow leak and not a blow out.  Air valve dysfunction.  Along Hwy 50, 20 miles from Eureka and 50 miles from Ely, NV where cycle service is.
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Looking for tiny tools for the air valve.


Using cuticle scissors as needle nosed pliers!


100626a121.jpg (73829 bytes) 100626a122.jpg (87380 bytes)
One chance to use the flat tire kit to air up the tire (hand pump would take half the day and ALL the guys).  Who says men don't read instructions ... TWICE!!!  Paul has the youngest and best pair of eyes to read the small print!


A wing and a prayer... and a CO2 cartridge...
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On the road again...


Three brothers ... 


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Three amigos ...


Three modern day cowboys!


 Riding Hwy 50, 30 miles from Ely, NV and a tire shop.  Gotta love the caution sign on the back of Paul's helmet!  :-)!!