Last Ride of 2008


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Great day for a 153 mile ride. This is the last time I'm going to be able to ride for 2008 and the weather was beautiful. This is on Auburn-Folsom Rd.


Met Roy at the parking lot (see below) and then off to Edelweiss' for breakfast.
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Corned beef hash and mushroom omellete and potatoes. We split this. Perfect portions that way.


Decided to go to Foresthill. This is Foresthill Rd.


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Approaching the Foresthill Bridge.


Almost on it.


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Roy following as we're on the Foresthill Bridge.


Lots of decorated Christmas trees along this road.


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Stopped off at an overlook. Roy on his bike.


Roy with his 2006 Road King.


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Me with my Rudolphed 2004 VTX1300S.


Approaching Foresthill


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Lots of nice colors along this road. No traffic, and a great day for riding.


Approaching the "hot spot" of Foresthill.


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There were a lot of people here and a lot of bikes across the street.


Roy giving "the wave" to a fellow biker.


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When we first started riding back in 2002, Roy and I would always meet in this parking lot and go eat breakfast at Denny's.


It's a good place to meet.
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Roy needed gas, so we went by the HD store where he got his bike.


Premium was .20 cents cheaper here than in Grass Valley. I think he paid around $1.91/gal.


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Lots of pretty colors on Dry Creek Rd.


Roy and I separated and I decided to go home via Salmon Falls Rd. Got this shot on Foresthill Rd.


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Just pass the Foresthill Bridge, took the road leading to Cool. This is the start of that road. Foresthill Bridge from below. It was a great day for a ride and only cost $5.50 in gas!