Last Lunch at the Old Cache Creek


Tabitha's first long ride (about 150 miles). Woke up early and met Edward in Zamora. Then we headed to Williams to meet up with Mom and Roy. Took the car to Cache creek for lunch. Had lunch and we all lost $20. Well, Edward lost $40! Had a good time. The new casino is supposed to open up in two days. Sure didn't look like it was going to make it. Here's Mom, Roy, and Edward walking to the car. Hey, how come Roy isn't wearing his SAS shoes!!!?!?!?!


Walking toward the new part of the casino. They were doing a lot of landscaping. This place is going to be huge!


Oo (the cow) liked it too.
Tab and I in front of the new casino entrance. Riding toward Davis, took this opportunity to take the only shot of me riding my bike!


We went to Davis to go to an ice cream social. We got there a little early, so Tab showed me around UC Davis. This is the Mondavi Center. Pretty neat looking place. We drove around the campus. She graduated from here, so she knew the campus very well. This is an egg head sculpture in front of the law school at UC Davis. We made it to the ice cream social, had dinner and some ice cream, chatted, and then went home at around 7:30. It was a bit chilly on the way home, but not too bad. All in all, a great day for a ride and the last lunch at the old Cache Creek Casino. We can't wait to see the new one.