Last Day of January 2009


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Middle of winter and it was 68 degrees today. Our route took me to Yuba City, Oroville, Bangor, Brown's Valley, Grass Valley, Auburn, Folsom, and back home. 224 miles and a great lunch.


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Crossing the Feather River on the way to Yuba City Sam's Club to meet Roy.


Sutter Buttes. Got gas at $2.059/gallon then took off for Gold Country Casino.


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Traveling north on Hwy 99 out of Yuba City, you'll pass this structure. Roy calls it the big shuttlecock!


Roy after taking off the leathers getting ready to go eat.
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My chaps, jacket, vest, gloves, glasses, all fit in the new roll bag!


Go up the escalators and on the left is the buffet.


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$8.49 gets you all this! They had Chinese, Mexican, Fried chicken, carving station, and a lot of desserts.


My first plate: Pork ribs, fried chicken, fried rice, chow mein, sweet & sour chicken.
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My second plate: Enchilada, fried chicken, flank steak, taco meat. The flank steak looked and tasted pretty good, but was very tough to chew.


Dessert: Old cake, apple crisp, banana cream pie (yum), and lowfat vanilla yogurt with strawberry topping.


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Roy got the senior discount. I think he saved about 85 cents.


Leaving Bangor. Very small town.


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On Marysville Rd heading toward Hwy 20.


Great weather all day.


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On Hwy 20 approaching a bridge that goes over a river coming off the Englebright Reservoir.


Passing Lake Arthur.


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Roy had to stop at the Auburn HD store. This is where he bought his bike. I went home Auburn/Folsom Rd. This is the street where Edelweiss restaurant is, just on the left.