Lake Tahoe


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Weather forecast for the Sacramento area on this day is 100 degrees. Need to get out of the valley and somewhere cool. So we decided to go to Lake Tahoe and have lunch at Southshore. It was a great day for a 340 mile ride in the Sierra's.


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Left my house at 8am and headed to Grass Valley via Auburn-Folsom Rd. The roads were pretty empty this time of the morning.


Stopped to get a better picture of the buffalo just down the road from Roy and Joanne's house.
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Arrived at Roy's around 9:30. Edge was there to greet me.


Grrrrrrrrr. He likes it.


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Left Grass Valley at 10am towards Hwy 20. This is near the split between Hwy 20 and 49.


Hwy 20 was pretty empty as well.
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Shot of the scenic overlook on Hwy 20.


Approaching the I-80 freeway.


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On the freeway for only 3 miles.


Heading to Cisco Grove to meet.....
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...Edward. Parked our bikes, stretched our legs, and planned our route. While we were there, Erica and Diana wanted their picture with our bikes. They were from Gridley. Nice ladies. 


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There was a lot of water running in the South Yuba River.


Made for some really nice pictures.


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More water.


This was very impressive in person.


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Riding along Donner Pass Hwy next to the snow. Edward behind me with Roy bringing up the rear.


Frozen lake.
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Passing Sugar Bowl and Donner Ski Ranch.


Approaching the Donner Lake overlook.


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Me, Edward, Roy.


Me, Edward, Roy, with our bikes.


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Continuing on to Truckee.


The roads were nice and curvy.


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Passing Donner Lake. The yellow spot on my microphone is the inside parts of a bug. I'm just glad that it was on the foam thingy and not on my lips!


Passing Squaw Valley and the Olympic torch on hwy 89.
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Riding next to Lake Tahoe.


Beautiful views of the lake the whole way.


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Stopped at Emerald Bay. The water fall was amazing.


Emerald Bay.


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Me, Edward, Roy, with the waterfall in the background. The weather was just perfect up here.


Riding along the ridge with Emerald Bay on our left and Cascade Lake on our right.


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This road has a few first-gear turns.


Approaching the casinos.


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Took this picture of the stateline, and the lady in blue notices me.


She and her friend posed for the camera. Seemed very friendly.


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Got to Harrah's and went to Fatburger for lunch. I got a Fatburger, skinny fries, and a banana shake.


Managed to get a pic of the food from Manchu Wok. :)
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Approaching the tunnel on Hwy 50 just past Lakeridge.


Approaching this nice beach at GPS coordinates 39.072665, -119.943881.


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Stopped for gas and then Edward took off over Mt Rose. Just as he approached the scenic overlook on this road, about 8 miles up the road, he heard Roy and I talking on our Chatterbox. Must have been about10 miles away from each other at that time.


Leaving Nevada and entering California.
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There were a lot of motorcycles out. We passed a lot of large groups. Took off on Hwy 267 heading towards Truckee. We missed the turnoff to Truckee and ended up riding around in circles to try and get in to the old part of Truckee. Now we know that when the sign says Truckee is to the left, we need to take that road!


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Stopped at the Dairy Queen for a drink. We parked in the DMV parking area.


Good place for a butt-break.


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Good parking for shade.


Riding along Donner Lake on the way home.


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Beautiful scenery heading towards the Donner Lake overlook.


More twisty roads and scenery.


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You can't tell, but Roy is lifting his feet up, just like you used to do when you were a kid on a bicycle and rode through a puddle.


Edward told us of this new park in Cisco Grove. So we stopped by to see what it was all about.
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Approaching the park.


Not much here. Good access to the river.


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Bathrooms too. Good to know.


Back on Hwy 20 approaching Grass Valley.


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This is a nice section of road on the way to Roy's house.


One of Roy's neighbors has all of these "Redwoods" in front of their house.


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Check out the temperature on the side of the bank. Auburn-Folsom road, just about to pass under the waterway that eventually spills in to the North Fork of the American River. After getting gas (Averaged 49mpg), I got home around 8:15pm. It was a full day of riding. Great day.