Lakeside Pizza


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What a beautiful day to be out on the bike. 275 miles out in the crisp fall air. Since it seemed like the last nice weekend to get out and ride, we all decided to have lunch somewhere in Tahoe City. This picture was taken at the Cisco Grove rest area on the other side of the freeway from the gas station.


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Left my house at 9am and headed to Auburn. Riding through old-town Auburn.


Passed Ikeda's. They had this cute pumpkin patch setup out front.


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This curve is what it's like the whole way to Roy's house.


On Roy's road, there's this civil war guy with 3 cannons. It's pretty cool to see.


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20 year old Edge with Roy's Road King in the back.


Fall colors are just starting to appear. Hwy 20 looked like this the whole way.


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There was very little traffic on this Sunday morning. We met Edward at the Cisco Grove rest area. As we pulled in, he took three pictures of us. Norma told him that he had to take pics on his ride today, so he started out with this one. It's one of the few pics I have of me actually riding my bike.


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On Hampshire Rocks Rd. No traffic, beautiful scenery, and perfect weather.


Roy behind me as we make our way to Tahoe City.


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This is one of my favorite spots along this road. During the spring, the water is really rushing over these rocks.


Approaching the Donner Lake overlook.
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Coming up to the bridge just before the Donner Lake overlook.


Riding along Donner Lake.


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Finally made it to Tahoe City and found shade. Roy and me with our bikes.


Roy and Ed getting ready for lunch.


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Lakeside Pizza. Had a hard time finding it. We pulled in to the parking lot and didn't see it. Finally, I saw a little road in the back and that's where we found it. Nice patio. We sat in the corner on the right.


The view from our seats.
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We ordered the large combo. With drinks and tip, about $12 each.


This is Annie. She was our server and was very nice...cute too. :)


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Ed, me, Roy, just before we left for home.


Got this pic of Squaw Valley and the Olympic torch. Took this over my shoulder at 55 mph!


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Quick pitstop at the Cisco Grove rest area. Nice fall colors and stream.


On the freeway for 3 miles to get to Hwy 20.


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Sun coming through the trees was really neat.


Poor Edge getting his hair brushed. He seemed to like it.


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As I was riding on this road in the morning, there was a small deer on the side of the road that looked like it got hit by a car. On the way back, there was a bird taking advantage of the free meal.


Temp showed 64 degrees. Just 2 weeks ago, it was 94 degrees at the same time.
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Approaching Linda's (coworker) place. Nice view of the valley. Nice sunset on Fair Oaks Blvd. Great way to end the day.