Jeff's Diner Run


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Got to Yuba City Sam's a little after 11am, got gas, then took off toward the Sutter Buttes.


Took the river road to Colusa. Most of it is newly paved.


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Cutting the square in Colusa. Ended up at Jeff's Diner. This was formerly Rick's Freezette, but it has since changed owners. The food is the same. That big bag of fries is just one order...enough for 3 people. I got a double cheese burger. Roy got a wimpy single, but he got a cherry shake.


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Recognized these people. This is Jim Murphy and his wife Renee. I went to school with Jim's younger brother. They live on the coast now. They were just driving through and stopped for a burger.


Roy in front of the diner. Our bikes got a lot of attention while we were there.
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Headed towards Princeton passing the Colusa Casino. Coming to the bridge just before Butte City. It used to have a grated deck, and when I was little, I used to count down from 10 and yell "blast-off" when we hit the end. I used to ask Joanne if she could hear me at their house in Chico. She always said yes. :)


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Coming in to Oroville crossing the Feather River.


Riding through Oroville.


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Stopped at Feather Falls Casino in Oroville. We had to check my Chatterbox because it kept cutting out. So we weren't sure whether it was my unit or Roy's. It was fine when we were stopped, but as soon as we started moving, it would cut out. So to test it, we each took turns riding around the parking lot while I talked to see if I cut out. We were getting some weird looks. We must have circled the parking lot about 10 times total!


Check out the Jeep behind me. I am holding my $4.95 soda. That's how much I lost on a slot machine. I should have quit when I was up $2.00!
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Neat little golf cart.


Passing Ellis Lake in Marysville.


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After getting gas at Sam's and doing a little shopping, we took off towards Grass Valley. This is downtown Marysville.


Shadow pic of me on Hwy 20.
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Took lessons from "Left-Lane Terry".


Riding through the leaves on the way to Roy's house.


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Leaving Grass Valley on Dog Bar Rd. Nice road and a great sunset. Crossing Bear Creek. Good ride. About 260 miles total.