Inaugural M.O.M Run


1st Anniversary Run


The first ride of 2005, and the Inaugural run of M.O.M. (Men On Metamucil). Joanne made these shirts for us (Tab's says "Just along for the ride") so we all wore them on our first run of 2005. Coincidentally, this was also the one year anniversary of my first long ride on my new bike. I basically did the same trip exactly one year ago. This was a nice 225 mile ride...although all the pollen really got to me later.


First thing we had to do was get gas at Sam's....where else!!?!?! Roy and Ed got there a little bit before us and were waiting in Wal-Mart. Tab and I split a McGriddle meal and we were on our way.


Everything was green. This is the road from Zamora to I-505. This area was really pretty to ride through.


The paintball range at the freeway entrance to I-505.
After passing through Esparto, we were on our way to Cache Creek. Got to Cache Creek and there were only about 3 other bikes. After each of us ate an order of bao's and shu-mai's (16 bao's, 20 shu-mai's), we lost $1 each and headed out to the bikes. As you can see, there were a lot more bikes. I think we counted about 30 total.


On Hwy 16 leaving Cache Creek, passed a lot of bikes. Beautiful day to be out on the bike. Here we are, getting "the wave".


All of the foliage was in full bloom. Tab got a great shot of all the colors and the green.


Riding along Cache Creek. The weather was perfect.


Not too hot...not too cold.


Pulled up along Ed and Tab got this great shot.


Did the same thing with Roy. You can see the skull just in front of his leg.


Coming out of the foothills and into the valley. Took this picture on my way back from the Eureka trip. You can see how brown it is in July compared to March.


Great view of the Sutter Buttes. This was the first long ride for 2005, and it was perfect the whole day.