Ice House Rd


Woke early for a ride to South Shore and join the Big Blue Run. Got to Grass Valley around 9 and took off on Hwy 20 to Truckee.


Had to stop off at the vista point to show Tabitha. We debated on whether the clouds in the sky behind us are real or part of a government conspiracy.


While we were at the vista point, Roy had to go help water the trees since Terry wasn't here to do it like he did last time!


The water was really flowing from all the melting snow.
There isn't much snow left at this time of year.


Coming in to the Donner Lake overlook.


Tab and I overlooking Donner Lake. Met this nice couple from Rancho Cordova. Tab was showing the lady her new boots! :-)


Roy, Tabitha, and I, getting ready to head out for lunch.


Stopped off in Truckee and had chicken!


Just leaving Truckee and heading toward the lake. There was a race going on. Lots of runners. This is the last picture before we ended up at Emerald Bay. My photographer (Tabitha) fell asleep between Truckee and Emerald Bay!


I didn't know she fell asleep until I asked her what she thought of the pretty scenery we had just passed. She said, "Gee, I don't know...I took a nap."


Roy and Tab at Emerald Bay.
The last time I was here, there wasn't this cool waterfall. Asked a nice lady to take our pic and be sure to get the waterfall behind us. If you look really close just below my right cheek, you can see it!


Parking was crowded at Emerald Bay. Of course, bikes just parked anywhere they wanted to!


Leaving Emerald Bay, there's this ridge you ride across. On the left side is Emerald Bay, on the other side is this other lake. Really cool.


Coming in to Southshore. Outside Caesar's Palace. Tab and I met our friend, Debbie, who we met a week before while we were taking our RID certification written test.


This is the parking lot of Caesar's where the end of the Big Blue Run finished. Not a lot of bikes at this time. It started to get a little more crowded, but not much more. There was only one vendor-tent set up from the local HD store.


The band was ok. A few people started the festivities early.
Once we left Southshore, we started down Hwy 50. Took the Ice House Rd. turnoff. This was a really neat road. Smooth and twisty. Will definitely have to do it again.


Scenery like this the whole way.
On one of the few straight parts of the road, Tab managed to get this pic of me. It was nice and cool the whole way. Stopped at the Ice House store, about halfway and got something to drink. The view was neat as the sun shined through the trees.


If you go straight on the road, you eventually hit dirt!


Of course, I didn't see this well-marked sign telling us that the end was near!


About 5 miles before the dead-end, turn towards Georgetown to avoid having to turn around at the dead-end. Started getting hot as we approached Georgetown. Ended up getting home just as it was getting dark out. It was a nice 347 mile ride in the cool mountain air.