Hollister 2003


Ed and I got to McDonald's off Pocket Rd at about 8 am. Tried one of the new McGriddles with the maple syrup baked right in to the bread. It wasn't bad. Anyways, Ron showed up at 8:30, and Fred, Fonzi, Tony T , and Jami showed up right at 8:35. Scott, John, and Brenda showed up just a bit later. 10 people, 9 bikes. 1 Honda, 4 Yamahas, and too many Harley's! :)


Jami was our official videographer. I wonder if we sweet-talk her, will she make us a copy? ;-) Fonzi and John just hanging out, and Brenda is in the mirror...see her?
Tony T getting caught on camera again! John, Becky, Scott, and Fred, watching Tony T demonstrate Fonzi's riding posture.


And here's Fonzi with the real deal. I think Tony T had it down pretty good! Jami is really happy she made it down Hwy 33 passing all those cars and trucks. 


"Hey, rolling down the freeway at 70 mph is no problem now!" Tony T (walking off a leg cramp from holding his bike up after almost laying it on it's side when his foot slipped in the gravel), Jami, Fonzi, Brenda, John, and Fred getting ready to head in to Hollister.


Ed had to use the facilities so bad, he totally missed the hair-brushing spectacle just a few feet away! There were over 50 flags on this bike. It was really cool to see it rolling down the streets of Hollister.


There were a lot of bikes and even more people in Hollister. Had a hard time just walking around. However, we got our T-shirts and pins to prove we were there!


Fonzi, Tony T, and Ron showing their stuff in downtown Hollister.


But if you walked to the right place, it was kinda worth it! Those darn Harley logos just get in the way of everything!


Our last stop before heading home. This is in Lodi. Ed managed to get a Gatorade at each stop. Ed thought I had a really bad sunburn on my face. Just turned out to be exhaust from following Ed too close! Had a great day today. Just about 330 miles for me round trip.