Road King Debut


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What's wrong with this picture? Roy doesn't have his V*Star anymore. He traded it in for a 2007 HD Road King. It had everything he wanted except for a backrest. That's coming soon. Guess Ed's convincing at Street Vibrations this year worked.


It was very cold when we left our house at 8am. I think it was only 42 degrees out. We were all dressed warm, but any of you who know Tab, she was freezing before we even left! At least she was smiling when we first got to Sam's in Yuba City.
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Went into Sam's real quick and Tab got a cup of coffee. She was not a happy camper.


On our way to Cache Creek via Knight's Landing.


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Coming in to Knight's Landing.


Here's the front view of Roy's new bike.


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Approaching I-505. The hills were very dark and burnt. Not much green around at all.


Roy riding through Esparto.


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Our bikes at Cache Creek Casino. There were no other bikes there. Riding home on Hwy 16 to Hwy 20. 230 miles of cold and sun. Tab and I got right in to the hot tub when we got home to warm up.