Gold Lake

(aka "too stupid to not ride in 100 degree heat")


Gold Lake. Sierra Don and his wife, Becky, were up there for the weekend. Let's go visit! This is Gold Lake. It was really nice up there. About 350 miles round trip for me.


Here's the whole visiting group. Bill, Mark, Fred, Terry, James, Judy, Eric, Paul, Roy.


Terry came by my house around 8:30 and we met Fred at his place just a bit before 9. We were supposed to leave at 9, and what's Fred doing? Washing his bike! He told us that Ripper (Eric) was going to show up in a little bit, so he had time to give his bike a quick wash.


Terry couldn't be left out of the fun, so he joined in.
Look who finally showed up...and in his full-face helmet. I suppose you can't wear that one backwards! (see this page)


Started out with 5 bikes. 1 Harley, 2 Yamahas, and 2 Hondas.
On the way to Downieville, there was scenery like this the whole way. This is the Yuba River.


Picked up Mark and his friend Bill just outside of Grass Valley after picking up Roy in Grass Valley. Stopped at Downieville for a quick munchie/fluid break.
Terry hasn't quite got the hang of the straw. Hard to see here, but the straw is heading for his nose!


Terry, Ripper (disguised as a "fence-post"), Fred, and Roy.
Mark and Bill checking out something across the street. Eric, Fred, and Roy getting ready to head out again.


Crossed this bridge while leaving Downieville. More beautiful scenery. What a great day.


We passed a lot of bicyclist along the way. This one was worth taking a picture of. Finally got to Gold Lake. Sierra Don was trying to explain how tall the trees around here were when he was a little kid.


Terry found the shade in a hurry! Ended up with 4 Yamahas, 2 Hondas, 2 Harleys.


Don was worried when he saw 8 of us roll up. He only had 3 beers left. Well, Terry and Fred were the only ones to have one, so he still had one left!


And here's Don putting the last beer away.
James sees Judy everyday...and he still follows her around with the video camera. Awwwwww!


Roy and I in front of Gold Lake.
Becky gave Fred this chair to sit in. It's the chair they leave outside to see if anyone will steal it. This chair doesn't look too stable and is NOT straining under the weight of at least twice its capacity, it is obviously an altitude-induced optical illusion!


More scenery!
Ended up in Graeagle at the burger place. Don and Becky showed up about 15 minutes later. Fred, Judy, and James checking out the menu. James seems to be picking out his own buns for his burger! :)


Becky acting like a lump on a log. Roy and I joined her there since it was in the lady! We all got to see the bike behind her go down in the driveway. Seems that the rider coming in lost traction on his front wheel...and down he went. The guy did a good dismount...8.9. The bike got a little dented on the pipes, but nothing major.


Don, Roy, Eric, James, and Judy. Found out that Roy and Don and Becky knew a lot of the same people in Quincy.


Rolled into Quincy. Roy's old hometown.
Ripper giving the wave to one of the many bikes out on the road today. Hwy 70 had construction on all the bridges. We got stuck at about 3 of the lights. Wasn't bad, but they should have put these lights in the shade!


Here's the last tunnel going from Quincy to Oroville.


Stopped at Scooters along Hwy 70 for a quick rest and a picture opportunity.
Getting out of Oroville was harder than we thought. Ripper and Fred finally figured it out...once they realized the map was upside down! Ended up heading back towards Hwy 70. Did a couple of U-turns and finally ended up on Marysville Road.


Stopped at the 76 station to gas up and hydrate up. Ripper sure does like his chocolate milk! Even bought Fred one.
James was soooo ready to get home. Judy seemed to be doing great! :) Just before we all waved goodbye, managed to get this parting shot of James and Judy.