Gold Country Buffet...Again


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210 miles started off with a picture for Missy, Nichole's daughter. This is also a good reference for gas prices in the future.


Energizer Easter Bunny on the side of the road.
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Joanne's new jacket after getting gas. Gas at Sam's was $2.62/gallon.


Think there are enough wires?


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Roy and Joanne on the way to Oroville.


Saw this accident on the road to Oroville. See the skid marks?


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I'm guessing the skid marks are from the truck in the ditch. The white car didn't fair so well either.


Resuming our ride to the buffet. Gorgeous day!


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Entering Gold Country Casino.


Joanne and Roy locking up their helmets.


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Entrance to the buffet. They had it decorated for Halloween...or is that just a normal employee? First round from top going clockwise: Fried chicken, fried shrimp, waffles, syrup, cha siu bao (pretty good too), corned beef hash, bacon.


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Round two from top going clockwise: Tri-tip, horseradish, fried shrimp, sweet and sour chicken, fried rice.


Round three from top: Tri-tip, fried shrimp.
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Dessert from top: Pecan pie, vanilla ice cream with strawberry topping, banana pudding (made with artificially flavored pudding...bleah!)


On the way home. Sutter Buttes are hiding behind a little haze.
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Approaching the bridge crossing the Yuba River. Cute mailbox decorations for Halloween.