Gold Country Buffet


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Met Roy at Sam's after arriving very late due to a stupid garage door opener that wouldn't work. Ended up being the stupid door sensors I had duct-taped to the ceiling falling down. Got gas and took off on Hwy 99 north out of Yuba City. Noticed that the air was a bit hazy. It was beautiful in Sac when I left.


Heading towards Oroville heading East. The haze gets thicker!
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Arrived at Gold Country Casino and got front row parking.


Here I am pointing out my new lights!


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Went to wash our hands before lunch, and saw this sign. People were probably wondering what I was doing with a camera in front of the restrooms!


Our bikes in a hazy cloud of smoke.
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Ducks flying around in this smoke-filled air over the rice fields.


Had to make a couple of secret-shopper stops before heading to Sam's.


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Got gas at Sams, went in and looked around and took off after cooling off a bit in the air-conditioned store. The ride home was very hot and humid. This was a good test for my new lights. They performed perfectly! 188 miles and a lot of smoke!