Gold Country Casino Sunday Brunch


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Coming in to Yuba City.


Nice view of the Sutter Buttes. A little hazy today, but not too bad.


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Got gas at Sam's. Arrived about 20 minutes before Roy and Joanne. Joanne had to walk from the gas station to where I was parked.


Roy got to ride.
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Just about to turn on to Hwy 99.


Roy and Joanne on Hwy 99.


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Nice clouds over the mountains.


Joanne and Roy in front of Gold Country Casino.


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Roy, Joanne, me, in front of the casino.


Looking down from the 2nd floor.


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Plate number one...tri-tip, hot links, fried chicken, bacon, sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, corned beef hash, and breaded shrimp.


Plate number two...nacho's with refried beans and taco meat and tri-tip.
090607a13.jpg (85916 bytes) 090607a14.jpg (130869 bytes) cobbler, frozen yogurt with strawberry toppings, lemon cake, and pecan pie.


Joanne and Roy trying to get the bike up off the kick-stand.
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Front view of Gold Country casino.


Passed a few bikes along the way.


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Everytime I would say something in the Chatterbox, like "what a great day for a ride," Joanne would give me this sign.


Not a lot of traffic today. Made for a nice ride.
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Approaching the bridge over the Yuba River.


On the bridge. Beautiful weather.


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Got to Grass Valley. Lucy likes to chase the ball, but when she brings it back, she doesn't like to give it up right away. She holds on to the ball with both paws and pushes the ball-thrower away with her nose.


When she does let you have it, she lifts her paw up to say, "ok, I'm ready now!" Too cute.
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Edge is a cute kitty. He's about 20 years old. On the way home, stopped by my co-worker's house to stalk her a little. I thought, "nice house" until I saw....


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...this house! The water fall in front is really neat. This reminded me of the house on the way to Edward's place when I first saw it at Street Vibes '06. On the way home, went down Winding Way off of Hazel, and there was this big turkey in the middle of the road. Had to come to a crawl so I didn't hit it. It was an interesting way to end a 204 mile ride.