Jeff's Freezette


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253 mile ride started out with clear skies and a great view of the Sutter Buttes. On the way to Sam's to meet Roy, I drove through my old apartment complex. This was my first place on my own. It overlooked the pool and spa. :)


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Crossing over the bridge entering Knight's Landing.


Driving like Carla...well under the speed limit!


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Coming in to Esparto. It was a beautiful day.


Capay Valley...with a yard sale.


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Approaching Cache Creek casino. Parked in the garage at Cache Creek. On the way in, I revved my engine and actually set off a car alarm. Usually, it's Ed that does that!


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Roy just before heading inside.


Nice fall foliage on the way to Hwy 20.


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Cache Creek didn't have much water. Some of the trees were starting to turn colors. Coming in to Williams from Hwy 20. It was a burn day and you can see a fire burning on the ride side of this pic.


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Rode by the house I grew up in. Looks really good. Subtle changes, but basically the same.


Riding past our old store.


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Riding under the Williams arch.


Stopped in Colusa for lunch at Jeff's Freezette. Used to be Rick's Freezette.


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Double cheeseburger and fries. The burger was good, but they used to give you a lot more fries.


Crossing over the Sacramento River leaving Colusa.


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On the river road, it got a bit smoky from all the fires.


Nice curve in the road heading in to Sutter.


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Riding along the old bridge thing. Final pic just before heading home. Beautiful day, a little cool, but perfect riding weather.