Foster's Bighorn


Miles=163 MPG=42 Cost=$3.90/gal *New addition*

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Memorial Day 2011. Finally, a "nice" day to ride. Met Rich at work and decided to head down the river.


Rich wanted to take pics in front of our building. This is Rich's Kawasaki he got for about $5K. Nice bike.


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Heading down the river, there were lots of boats out today. Stopped to take some pics of the boats passing by. The flowers were really blooming today.


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This reminded me a little of riding in Kauai. Lots of tree tunnels.


Stopped off at the ferry just outside of Rio Vista. Had to wait a bit for it.


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Waiting for the ferry.


Finally got on the ferry. Rich hamming it up all day!


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I was just happy the ferry was free! First time my bike has been on a ferry.


Heading toward the Rio Vista bridge.


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Had lunch at Foster's Bighorn. I have heard of this place but have never been here. When you first walk in, it's a little shocking to see so many animals.


Rich, pointing to the big moose!
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Once you got in to the dining area, there are some really exotic animals in there. Here's Rich doing his best impression of them.


These two were probably the most impressive...and sad. This collection is from the 1920's era. I don't think PETA was around then.


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Me with even more animals.


Outside Foster's Bighorn.


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Rich on the Rio Vista bridge. Had to wait a little for the drawbridge.


We crossed over a lot of bridges today.


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Just about to Rich's house, he had to stop and water the tree.

Rich's comment was...

"Great Cruze Paul. Not to mention that Paul is the only person I know that knows how (AND WILL) take pictures from his Bike at 70 mph!"


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This is Rich's idea. I have no idea why I played along. But, it was still a great 163 mile ride for me.