First Ride of 2004


Woke up early Sunday morning to a sunny day in my neighborhood. Went to Terry's house, and it's cold and foggy over there. Left his place around 9:00 and headed to Yuba City to meet Roy and Ed. This picture is on Elkhorn Blvd. Sort of a foggy start to our day, but it ended up being a really nice day. About 157 miles for me.


Terry and I arrived at the Sam's Club gas station right at 10:00, and when I pulled up to the pump after a big ol' SUV just pulled out, I noticed how much the guy just spent in gas. I could never afford to get an SUV! I think I filled my tank up with about $3.00 worth of gas.

After filling up on gas, Terry and I saw Roy and Ed's bike parked in the parking lot, so we figure that they were in Walmart having breakfast at McD's. Went in and they were no where to be found. So, Terry and I ordered breakfast and soon after that, Roy and Ed walk in. Later, out in the parking lot, we checked out Roy's new haircut and brake light!


Terry is showing Ed the "Bend....and Snap!" (this is something from the movie Legally Blond)
Terry, crossing the causeway on Hwy 113. Coming into Knight's Landing. Ed and Terry are in the lead. Roy and I are bringing up the rear.


Got to Cache Creek, parked, and Ed notice a big gap in his chrome turn-signal ring. So , we were all trying to figure out if it vibrated loose, or if it was just a feature of a Harley!


Roy, me, and Ed. This turned out to be a really nice day. The sun came out and it was really nice out.
A close-up of Roy's new haircut! He said that his hair was doing some weird stuff, so he thought he'd just shave it off and start all over. It really doesn't look that much different, just a lot shorter.


Terry getting ready to head home after having a great lunch, and losing $20!
Terry and I are on our way home, driving through Woodland. We stop at a light, and this big Escalade pulls up  beside us. This little dog starts going crazy and starts barking at us. When the light turns green, we take off, and the dog is still going ballistic. It was really funny. This happened for about 3 stoplights. The poor lady in the truck apologized. We just smiled and laughed and told her it was cute. As we were driving along, the dog would look at Terry, then turn and look at me, barking his little head off the whole time. Grrrrrrr :)