First Ride

Outside of the IHOP in Yuba City. We just got back from the Purple Hog where Roy and I got our riding chaps. It was a cold, foggy, overcast day, but it was a lot of fun riding around together. Now Ed and I have to get our Chatterboxes so all three of us can talk to each other!
Ed and I woke up on Sunday to a shining sun. It was supposed to be cloudy and foggy again. We got dressed and headed out. We were originally going to ride the square in Colusa, but it looked dark and foggy over there, so we headed up to the hills instead. Up highway 20 to highway 16 toward Cache Creek Indian Bingo and Casino. The sun was shining, the bikes were shining, a perfect day to ride. Not too cold...especially with the new chaps! :)
These pics were taken at the Cache Creek Canyon Regional Park. We had to get home, so this is where we stopped to turn around and head home. Cache Creek is roaring just behind us. It was a really nice day out.


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