Feather Falls


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With gas close to $4/gallon, I was finally able to convince Roy to take a ride on this beautiful day.


We met at Sam's in Yuba City and filled up on gas.


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Went in to Sam's to get some meds for Roy. I wanted to get rice, but I couldn't figure out how to strap on 25 pounds on to my seat!


Heading towards Oroville.
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Approaching Feather Falls Casino. Just one of my desserts. We ate at the buffet. It was only $10, but there wasn't a whole lot of selection. The tri-tip was way overdone and dry, but the ice cream cone was good.


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We decided to go to Gold Country Casino to check out what they had for a buffet. Roy made the mistake of pulling head-in to a downward facing parking spot. This is him trying to back out. Not much luck. I had to help push.


Finally got our bikes parked. The buffet here is MUCH better. Only $7 and they had about 5 times the selection of Feather Falls. We'll be going there from now on.
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Heading back to Yuba City. The Buttes were barely visible through the haze.


After getting gas, stopped by Sharon's. Here she is giving the hippie greeting.


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And now she's giving the Vulcan greeting! On the way home, caught this picture of a plane and a dust-devil. Nice day for a 180 mile ride.