Easyriders Show 2004


Woke up early to meet Terry at his house. Got there around 8:25 and we stopped for gas, then headed to Carrow's to meet up with Glen and head down to the 2004 Easyriders Bike Show. It was cold, overcast, but at least it wasn't foggy or raining!


Terry and I got to Carrows about 15 minutes before we were supposed to meet Glen. Here's Terry, thinking about marking his territory all over this non-GMC truck! After Glen showed up, we rode downtown to get breakfast. Roy met up with us and then we split up from there. Roy and I waited out front for Ed to get there. About an hour later, Ed rolls up with Jeff and Ernie following close behind.


Ed had to park in the parking garage. There were so many bikes there, it was very difficult to find a parking place.


But, if you get there early enough, you can park right out in front!
Just before entering the show.


Ed and Roy in front of the sign just before entering the show.


Ed always said that if he can't ride a motorcycle, he would convert his bike into a trike. I wonder if he had something like this in mind? Saw this girl with two silver balls coming out of the back of her neck. So, I had to ask where the ends of the studs were. She told me it's a bar that goes in one hole and out the other. Owwwww!


This is the girl with the pierced neck. I think she's the same one that was at Street Vibrations last year. These are the Purrfect Angelz. Didn't get to see their show, but I bet it was really good!


Sacramento King's theme bike. Very nice.


Billy Lane's bike


Billy Lane signing autographs. 


Billy Lane's obligatory girl-on-a-bike.


Don't know if you can tell, but this sea of people is the way the whole place was like the entire time we were there. It was sooooo crowded.


Ken and Ed waiting for Jeff to fight his way through the crowd and meet up with them.
Roy in front of the Easyrider sign just before we left.


Doof-face wouldn't get out of the way for my pic!


We left about 3:30pm. This line is out the door, around the corner, and almost to the other street. It was crazy! I think for next year, I'm gonna skip the show, but still get there really early, park in front, set up my folding chair, and watch all the bikes go by. Watching the bikes go by was probably the neatest part of the show this year.