Easyriders Show 2003


Cold, foggy, noisy. That was downtown Sacramento at the Convention Center. Thousands of bikes, even more people. Lines stretched around the building just to get in. But once you got in...hold on to your wallet!!!! Roy and I got there around noon, met Ed there around 12:30. Lots of toys for bikes and boys. Didn't stay long since Ed rode in and had to get back before the fog. There were a lot of neat bikes there, both inside at the event and out on the street. Had a fun time. Saw Tommy from Yuba City, Roy and Dan from BASC, and Ed saw a lot of his riding buddies there too.

Hmmmmm, not too clear.


This is one that I took! :)


The motorcycle from the show Easy Rider.


Cool sign as soon as you walked into the building.


On our way out, Ed trying to figure out where he parked!


Found it!


Purrfect Angelz. I didn't stay for their later show. I'm sure it would have been a lot more....fun! If you are desperate to have a clock on your bike, I suppose this will have to do!

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