EasyRider Show Weekend 2009


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Missed last year, but we decided to all go this year. We didn't take our bikes, even though the weather was perfect. Ed and Roy would have had a cold ride here and back if we did. So, we all met at Mom's and guess what? Mom asked if she could go! So we all went to IHop for breakfast and that's where we start!


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Roy gave me a piece of his bacon since he wanted to watch what he ate. :) This is what my plate looked like after I got bacon from Roy and Mom. Oh, and it's all you can eat pancakes!


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The line for tickets was around the corner, but we got our tickets and were in within 15 minutes. Once we got inside, there were these cool bikes just outside the window. If you look closely, you can see the red and blue bike.


The girls on the left were parading around taking pictures with guests.
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Paul Yaffe was signing posters and giving them away! We got one made out to us. He was a really nice guy.


Lots of skimpy outfits.
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These girls had some funny comments on their butts!


I had to be sure I got a clear picture of them, so I took another one. :)


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This guy is a friend of Ed's.


Mom is getting a massage from a vibrating glove. The nice lady was promoting Pleasure Parties!


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This 24-year old was at the Renegade Booth. Got chaps and vest at this booth. Used this picture to be sure these were the right kind of chaps.


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Nice shirt.


The big bike had a baby bike!


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The Purrfect Angels were here too.


They're always here at this event.


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Roy trying out his new helmet.


Roy getting solicited by this nice lady....to go to Sturgis!


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She was very friendly.


She asked if it was ok to grab my ass!


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So the next day, decided to go out. Bright sunny day once I finally got out on the road. This is about 2pm heading down Sunset Ave.