Easyrider Show 2007


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Missed the last two years of the Easyrider Motorcycle Show. Ed decided to come down from Reno, so everyone met at our house before going to the show. We were going to ride, but it was 30 degrees when everyone got there. Plus, it was only around 17 in Grass Valley, and a -9 in Reno! We had a good time. Lots of shopping. Tab got a shirt, belly ring, and a pin. I got a belt knife, shirt, and a pin. Oo got things started at the show with his picture in front of the sign.


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From the parking garage. As soon as we parked, I heard all of these noisy bikes. Tab was waiting for everyone to get out of the car. She was not spending a second more than she needed to out in the cold.


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Ed and Roy leaving their car and heading to the show. At least they allowed parking on the street this year. I heard that last year they were ticketing if you parked on the street.


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While we were in line, we ran in to some of Ed's friends. That's Julio's son, Bridgette, Julio, Ed, and Roy. We met Bridgette at Street Vibes '06. Almost didn't recognize her with her top on! :)


Tab and Bridgette coming out of the little girl's room.
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One of the first bikes we saw. This was appropriate because I ended up going to the King's game that night. It was a good game, even though they lost in OT.


Paul Yaffe was there too. This is his bike he made during the Discover Channel biker build-off. That's him in the background with his wife(?)



Beginning of Scantily-clad girls!




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Miss Easyriders 2007.


Really short shorts...


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...and an even shorter skirt.


Lucky Mr. Miller Lite


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Shorts with chaps! Social Outcast girls.

End of Scantily-clad girls!  :(




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While we were looking at the Easyrider pins, Tab turns to me and says, "Hey, there are people signing!" I turned around and said, "Wow, that's Ed!" We met Ed a few years ago at a poker run. Had a good time chatting with the 3 of them. This is Mike, Fred, Ed , Tab, and Paul.


This is the cow bike from Virginia City during Street Vibes. It moos when the horn is honked. Oo really liked this bike.
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Here's Tab getting a new shirt. She got the zipper one. You can see it hanging on the rack on the far right side. It's the one with the zipper that goes all the way down the sides. The ladies here were very helpful and fun. Tab drew a crowd when she tried the shirt on. The ladies wanted her to try them all on!


Milwaukee Iron bike.
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Just before leaving, we saw this "Bad Dog" on the grass.


Edward is explaining to Roy how big this dog really is!


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Look at the emblem on the side of the tank. Very clever. This is a Vulcan 800. Departing shot of bikes before heading in to the garage.