Easter Ride 2008


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Missed the blessing of the bikes, but managed to make it over to Ripper's around 11:15.


Heading toward Woodland. There's a plane taking off from the airport.


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Riding in downtown Woodland. According to the green signs, it's Ag Week!


Coming in to Esparto.


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Just outside of Esparto, they laid this brick path. I thought I'd give it a try and see if it was as good as the road.


Ripper giving "the wave" to a pack of bikes.
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Heading in to Cache Creek casino.


Ripper had to find the best parking spot and parked as close to the edge as possible.


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Good start to the buffet. Chinese food, pai goot (pork spareribs). pot stickers, egg roll, General Chicken, rice, and some really good asparagus. Came out to our bikes and the place was packed. These guys were working on this HD right next to Ripper's bike, so he quickly moved it to give them more room. This guy's HD pipe fell off and he was trying to get it back on with they help of all of his buddy's.


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Enjoyed all the Spring colors the Capay Valley had to offer.


Riding along the creek. Beautiful day.


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Made it to Clear Lake. Not hot enough for it to start smelling really bad yet.


Hwy 29 heading toward the south side of the lake.


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Stopped in Lower Lake to get gas and a drink.


Beautiful scenery all the way to Lake Berryessa!


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The roads were smooth and curvy.


Ripper trying out the both sides of the road.


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Then we hit this...water! We had to pass over 4 of these...very slowly.


Monticello dam.


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Closer view of the stream of water shooting out the bottom of the dam.


Here's the big toilet in the lake. The lake was low enough to show the rim.


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Heard a slight noise, like metal hitting the road, then saw the guy in the gray jacket run across the street. I thought a car lost something. This lady took off out of the parking lot and headed straight in to the side of the mountain and in to the ditch. Luckily, she wasn't going fast, and she was unhurt (except for her pride). That's her in the helmet and white jacket standing against the mountain.


Her husband tried to get it out of the the ditch with the help of the first guy there. Ripper just watched for a while, then went to help and they eventually got the bike out.
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The only thing that was really severely damaged was the spring to the kickstand. Needed a pair of pliers to reconnect it. Ripper got his tools out and they were able to reattach it


Damage to the front end of the fender.
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Scratched the nice leather bags. The spring was so stretched out, it wasn't going to hold the kickstand up. So I got a zip-tie for them and they used that to hold it up.


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Me at the Monticello Dam. Cool picture of the shadows on the way home. A great day for a 280 mile ride. The weather was perfect, the company was nice, and the food was filling. Figuring out the cost of gas, it was about $1 for every 10 miles we rode. Sheesh.
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