Easter Weekend 2009


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After a week of rain and cold weather, I was determined to get out for a ride on the first really nice weekend we've had in a while.


On Auburn-Folsom Rd. These two guys on Big Bear Choppers led the way.
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Rode through old-town Auburn and snapped this pic of a big statue.


On Hwy 49 just outside of Auburn heading to Cool. The clouds were really neat.


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Approaching the bridge to go to Cool.


South fork of the American River.


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The new dam bypass road was open. It takes the place of the road going over the Folsom Dam that was closed after 9/11.


Approaching the new bridge.
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Crossing over the American River as it starts at Folsom Dam.


Folsom Dam had a lot of purple flowers around it. Hard to see here, but it was nice.


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Folsom Lake actually had water in it. Last time I was here, the water was very low. Lots of sailboats on the water. Stopped at the McD's for a .39 cent cone on the corner of Auburn-Folsom and Greenback. Just after I took this picture, an old guy and his wife in a pickup drive by and yells, "Hey! Harley riders don't eat ice cream cones!" Too funny. But it was a great way to end a short 102 mile ride.