Easter 2004


HAPPY EASTER! Met Edward at Sam's and both Walmart and Sam's were closed, so we had to get gas at the 76 station. Ed had to get a new battery for his watch he has on his bike. So, we ended up at....


Walgreens! Here's Ed with his newly powered watch.


Had to get a pic of me in front of the store too! See the new saddlebags? :)


This lady checked out the bikes before heading in to Walgreens...or did we check her out before leaving Walgreens? Hmm, it's all so confusing!


Here's our route...through the Sutter Buttes.


The Buttes were very green and the sky was very clear. It was a great day to take a ride through the Buttes. Stopped about 1/2 way through to take this pic Cutting the square in Colusa. I don't know if you can see what's playing at the movie theater, but it's the Passion of the Christ. Thought this pic was appropriate for an Easter ride. Got to Mom's just as the King's game was starting. King's stomped the Laker's. Great game! Got home and had Easter dinner with daughter and her mom's side of the family. A nice day for a 150 mile ride.