Daylight Savings Time Ride


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The first day of the new and improved Daylight Savings Time. Go for a ride and take advantage of that extra hour of sun! It was supposed to be almost 80 degrees in Sacramento, and I heard that all the roads were open up in the mountains, so I wanted to go to Emerald Bay. This is a picture of Donner Lake at the Donner Lake overlook. I love this picture. It was a little cold up here, but not bad, unless you hear Terry tell the story! He whined the whole way up. But, it was still a good ride. 293 miles for me.


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Got over to Terry's house around 9:15 and we took off down Madison. This is Madison Ave. The sky was blue and the sun was warm.


Once we got to Meadow Vista, Terry took off on this side road and I had no idea where we were off to.


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Terry stopped at this place. It's where his boss is building a new house. This area is on a golf course and the houses are like those that are around Ed's house in Reno.


The only thing built so far is the foundation, but it was very impressive looking. Had to get a pic of the bikes.
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Stopped off at Roy's house in Grass Valley. Terry got to see his new bike. He is very jealous and wants to get a new bike too. Hwy 20 had snow on the side of the road. We followed a few other bikes all the way to the freeway. The people on the other bikes were wearing shorts and no jackets. They headed back toward Sac when they hit the freeway. It was starting to get really cold.


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Nice shot of all the snow on the ground just before hitting the freeway. Oh Hwy 80. Not too many cars out on the road, but there was some nice scenery along the way.


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Once we pulled off at the Cisco Grove exit, Terry waited at the exit and didn't make the left turn right away. He finally pulled up to where I had pulled off the road and he showed me his sunglasses. He lost the right lens.


So he decided to get in the snow and toss them. Plus, he was really wanting to do this goofy pose.
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He started making a small snow bump.


Snow bump with the sunglasses.


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The river was really neat looking.


High snow banks made for some really pretty views.


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At the Donner Lake overlook. Got this picture of me and the bikes.


Me on the mountain of snow.


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Terry on the mountain of snow. So Terry walks down the hill to get to the fresh snow. There was this nice-looking woman with a child in her arms walking around. I see Terry launch this snowball. It's heading straight for the woman and kid. Luckily, I caught the snowball and saved the nice mommy and baby!


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Terry with Donner Lake in the background.


Me with a fantastic view behind me.


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Terry riding along Donner Lake. There were some puddles on this road from the melting snow. But it sure was pretty.


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Stopped and got gas in Truckee. Terry had to wipe his bike down after going through the puddles of water.


He used the windshield cleaner to get the forks all nice and clean. My bike was a little dirty, but not worth going through the trouble to clean it at the gas station!


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Looked for a place to eat in old-town, but ended up at the Panda Express. Terry wanted to get back to Sac instead of going to Emerald Bay. He wanted to sit by the river and have a beer in the sun. So, we took the freeway all the way home. Just before Colfax, there was a traffic accident that backed up traffic for miles. Anyone who knows Terry knows what happened next. We split lanes the whole way. Of course, it was a good thing we did. We would have been stuck for hours.


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Coming off the foothills looking down to the valley and Sacramento.


Parked our bikes at Chevy's.


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So Terry got his beer and got to look at all the nice boats. He is thinking about buying a new boat. What boat is he looking at?


The one with the well-stacked blond!
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Got back to Terry's place around 5:30. This is Sue, the new dog, and Terry. One last shot of a beautiful Donner Lake. Next week is the ride around Clear Lake!