Disgusting Ride

This page dedicated to Edge. He was a great cat and will be missed.


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The start of my 106 mile ride. Stopped here to get Joanne some thread. Debated on whether I should wear my full leathers in to the store. I didn't. :)


Just before turning on to Auburn-Folsom, following this group of riders. That's a woman riding the V-Rod.


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Old town Auburn was under construction for the longest time. Here's what the intersection looks like now. Nice.


Met Roy at the parking lot.
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Me in the parking lot. Weather was a little cool, but a perfect day for riding.


Becky was across the street taking pics of these horses.


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Lucy, Roy, Joanne, Becky, in the middle of the road.


Lucy let me grrrr her nose with the ball.


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Becky had a photo assignment to take some disgusting pics. I think this one qualifies.


Not to be outdone, Joanne and I grabbed the litter box and went at it!


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Abby had no idea what we were doing with her litter box!


On the way home, caught this shot of some people enjoying Bear Creek.


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Followed this cool old car for a while. Parting shot to the end of a great ride. Don't worry, the diaper was filled with chocolate pudding, and the cat turds in kitty litter were Almond Roca's! :)