Dad's Ride 2016



Total Miles = 467

Avg. MPG = 46.5

Avg Gas Price per Gal = $2.79

Dad's ride 2016. 12th annual ride in honor of my dad who died on Memorial Day, 1974.

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12th annual Dad's Ride over Sonora Pass. Super hot getting to Sonora, but cooled off heading over the pass. Great weather the whole way.


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I was looking at last year's pics....the first 4 pics are repeats from last year!


This place is for sale. I wonder what I'll use for a pic next year?


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Not exactly the same as last year. This is a pic of the other side of this place.


It's a carpet cleaner in front of the Glory Hole Center. Make-up your own joke.


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Melones Lake had a little more water in it this year.


Traditional stop at BK and Shell for gas before heading over the pass. 10 nuggets for $1.49!


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These roads are so nice.


Love this shot. Compared to last year, there's a little more snow this year.


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One of my favorite views along the road.


9000 feet.


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After passing Edward and Jeff, we stopped at the summit for a bit of a break.


More snow up here compared to last year, too.


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Edward and Jeff with our bikes next to a lot of snow. Last year, there was no snow behind them.


Heading to Monitor Pass.


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Long stretch of road passing by the Marine Base.


Walker River flowing pretty well.


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Traditional stop at Walker Burger.


Just got a single and onion rings this year.


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It's a popular place out in the middle of nowhere! Got done with lunch, and noticed Edward's bike was marking it's territory in the parking lot. Jeff is a mechanic, so under the bike they went.


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This is the owner of Walker Burger, Avery. He recognized Edward and came over to see if he needed any tools to work on his bike. And what the heck is going on with my hair? Looks like I have a mic like the Broadway actors have on stage!


Starting over Monitor Pass.
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Beautiful ride the whole way.


So much water this year. It's a nice change compared to other years.


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If you look at last year's pics, the other side of this road was still being used. I guess there was a big rock that fell inside the tunnel and they are still working on it.


Top of Mt Rose.
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Gas stop in Lake Tahoe. I made it all the way from Sonora to here. About 156 miles and 3.5 gallons of gas.


Made it to Edward's place around 7pm.
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Headed downtown to Street Vibrations Spring Rally. Saw this cool bike.


Not a lot of people here. Lots of smaller vendors. None of the bigger vendors showed up.


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Traditional pic in front of the Reno Arch.


Cool dancers swinging around fireballs.


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This was a cool display for Jack Daniels We split an Awful Awful. They gave less fries too. About 1/3 less.


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More people after dark.


Leaving Circus Circus.


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I really need to work out since I knew what I was going to have for... ...breakfast at Sierra Gold. Half price breakfast from 6am to 10am. Chicken Fried Steak is only $5. $7 with pancakes.


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Jeff, Kim, Dick, Edward, and me at breakfast.


On the way home, saw this on the back of this van. The heartbeat actually lit up with LED's.


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Top of Donner Pass. Took the freeway all the way home. With gas stops, it took 2.5 hours to get home and jump in the pool! It was so hot coming home this year.
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