Dad's Ride 2015


Total Miles = 410

Avg. MPG = 47

Avg Gas Price per Gal = $3.66

Dad's ride 2015. 11th annual ride in honor of my dad who died on Memorial Day, 1974.

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Top of Sonora Pass summit. Weather couldn't have been better. Another great ride.


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Heading out of Sacramento.


There was a lot of traffic at this intersection.


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Beautiful weather and great scenery.


Amador County welcome sign.


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Cool eclectic place with fun sculptures.


Finally got a decent shot of the historical landmark


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This always cracks me up.


Approaching New Melones Lake


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Lake levels were super low.


Roads like this the whole way.


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Screen capture from the GoPro when Edward passed us. You can see the full video here.


Edward and Kay following behind.


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There was still a lot of water in the rivers.


My favorite part of Sonora Pass.


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I always like seeing this view.


My favorite part of the river. Not the pole, but the little waterfall.


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Sonora Pass. First time I've stopped here and taken pictures.


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Great view of the valley.


Marine base sign.


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Just about to turn on 395 and head to Walker.


Walker River.


150530a37.jpg (143900 bytes) 150530a24.jpg (74822 bytes)
Lunch at Walker Burger.


Flag over the country store where we get gas.


150530a25.jpg (117106 bytes) 150530a26.jpg (146946 bytes)
Monitor Pass.


Dede and Kay took a small hike (probably to talk about the brothers)


150530a27.jpg (86156 bytes) 150530a28.jpg (129500 bytes)
Great shot of the cave in the river.


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Riding around Lake Tahoe.


150530a31.jpg (129388 bytes) 150530a32.jpg (136346 bytes)
Lake Tahoe.


Got stopped in traffic again by police activity.


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Donner Lake


150530a35.jpg (68495 bytes) 150530a36.jpg (165250 bytes)
Took the freeway home to save time. Traffic wasn't too bad. Top of Monitor Pass at the overlook.
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