Dad's Ride 2013


Total Miles = 433

Avg. MPG = 47

Avg Gas Price per Gal = $3.98

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This sign always cracks me up.


My nephew's area. (His last name was Tuttle before he changed it)


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This is one of my favorite spots on Hwy 108.


This is another one of my favorite parts of Hwy 108.


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First spot of snow. There wasn't any snow like there has been in past years, but the weather was perfect over the pass...and for this entire ride. Supposed to meet Edward up near the summit, but he was delayed by road construction, so I ended up running in to him just about 10 minutes past the Marine base. 30 minutes later, we're pulling in to Walker burger for double bacon cheeseburgers!


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Stopped at the country store where we normally get gas, but I was going to see if I could make it to South Lake Tahoe before I got gas. Got our lottery tickets there. I'm still working.


Long stretch on hwy 89.
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Got stopped in traffic riding around Lake Tahoe.


At least we were stopped in the shade.


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This is the reason why we were stopped. Not sure what happened.


How scared was Edward passing these guys! :)


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Beautiful ride around the Lake. Ended up in Grass Valley at Roy's house. He rode back to Auburn with me and we got .50 cent frosties at Burger King. Perfect end to a fantastic ride.
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