Dad's Ride 2012


Total Miles = 423

Avg. MPG = 45

Avg Gas Price per Gal = $4.36

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Dad's ride 2012. Annual ride in honor of my dad who died on Memorial Day, 1974.


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Early start.


Amador County welcome sign.


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Always pass this place with a lot of fun-looking stuff in it.


Maintenance crews were cutting down this bunch of pants from a power line.


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Approaching New Melones Lake.


Normal parking spot at Burger King in Sonora.


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Neat structure over the mountain ridge riding along Hwy 108.


No traffic for most of the ride.


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Great shots of the water along the way.


Beautiful scenery the whole way.


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This is my favorite part of the whole ride. This view always fascniates me.


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Ever see Galaxy Quest? This rock formation reminds me of the part where all the little miners were shouting, "Gerignak, gerignak, gerignak." Then the rocks form a creature that attacks Capt. Nesmith.


Walker River along Hwy 395.
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Finally made it to Walker Burgers in Walker. I miscalculated the time it would take to get from Sonora to Walker, so we were 45 minutes late. It takes 2 hours, not one hour, to make that journey. This is a pic of the size samples Walker Burger uses to show the sizes of french fries.


The courtyard at Walker Burger.
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Great lunch.


Always get gas and a lotto ticket here. Edward and Judy waiting while I fill up.


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Fire along the mountains near Carson City.


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The start of Hwy 89 going over Monitor Pass.




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Got in to Lake Tahoe and it was so windy, the lake looked like the ocean.


Heading home, stopped in Auburn and got this pic of the evening sky.


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Auburn City Hall at night. Another great ride this year.