Dad's Ride


Total Miles = 509

Avg. MPG = 47

Avg Gas Price per Gal = $3.92

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Annual "Memorial Day Ride", but since I can't seem to actually get out on Memorial Day weekend, I am changing the name of this ride to "Dad's Ride" since I take this ride in honor of my Dad who died on Memorial Day in 1974.


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Passing by Rancho Murieta.


Beautiful day and smooth roads on Hwy 49.


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I've always wanted to go to Moaning Caverns.


Needs a bit of work. 


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Approaching New Melones Lake.


Great parking spot at Burger King on a warm day.


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Uncle Sam in Strawberry waving to travelers.


Very little traffic and great weather.


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Approaching the historical Dardanelle Bridge.


Historic Dardanelle Bridge.


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Great views of the water lining Hwy 108.


Some rock debris in the road.


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Approaching the mountain cutout.


Great views on some winding roads.


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Approaching the snow.


Lots of waterfalls and nice scenery.


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Saw several bicyclist on this road today.


Approaching the summit.


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Great view on the other side of the summit.


Still lots of snow in the area.


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Passed the Marine Training Camp. Ed said that he would wait for meet me at Walker. As I was about 5 miles out of Walker, Ed passed me and said hi on the Chatterbox, so he turned around and we rode in to Walker to Walker Burger.


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Walker burger, fries, and onion rings. Great lunch.


Ed leaving Walker.


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Heading on to Hwy 89 over Monitor Pass.


Great view toward the top.


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Makes for some nice pics.


Ed on Monitor Pass.


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Coming in to Lake Tahoe Area.


Riding around Lake Tahoe heading to Reno.


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Finally got to Ed's house and we went to Sparks to get an Awful Awful. Not as good as the one downtown, but it was good to try both. Parked across the street in the square.


Leaving Ed's the next morning.
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Riding over Mt Rose, there was still a lot of snow at the summit.


Great views of Lake Tahoe on the other side of the summit.


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Made it to California!


Passing Donner Lake.


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Stopped at the Donner Lake overlook to take this pic. On Hwy 20 heading home, it was perfect weather and not very much traffic.