Lunch at Crawdads


Had the day off but I ended up going into work to meet up with Fred! Got to Crawdad's at around 11:45. Shaju was the only one there. Then Fonzi, Ripper, and Jami showed up. Joel followed close behind. Terry and Sue (in the truck) brought up the tail. This pic is why we wanted to eat on the river!


Jami and Joel discussing lunch finances. We were kind of surprised to see Terry and Sue. Thought they were going to be busy until the late afternoon. Glad they both made it.


Can't find a spot at the dock? Bring your own! Kathline must be so proud of her dad! :) Oh yeah, Eric showed up just as we were finishing lunch.


Joel and Shaju.


Jami and Joel checking out the babe magnet...Fonzi's bike! (It's on the other side of Joel's)
Shaju, Joel, Fred, Eric, Eric, Eric. (That wasn't a stutter!) Jami getting ready to get back on the freeway!