Bridgeport Covered Bridge


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160 miles started  by meeting Roy at Carl's Jr. in Auburn for lunch and then heading back to Grass Valley. Passing Lake Arthur.


On Pleasant Valley Road heading to the covered bridge.
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Bridgeport covered bridge.


Commemorative plaque.


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In front of the visitor center. It had A/C, so that's where we stayed for a while!


Big Brown Bear. Grrrrr.


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Roy in front of the bridge.


Me in front of the bridge.


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Interior shot of the bridge. There were little windows all over.


The two streams of water on the left made for good rafting/tubing. Lots of kids enjoying the water.


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Plaque on the other side of the bridge.


Shot of the old barn and bridge.


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Lots of squirrels lounging around on the rocks. Heading back to Roy's house. Went the back way that went by the fair grounds.