Lake Comanche


Memorial day, warm, sunny. Off to Lake Comanche to hang out with Tabitha's family. Weeeeeee. It was a good 134 mile ride. Got to go on some roads I haven't been on. Actually, the day was pretty nice.


Hwy 16. Made a right turn off of hwy 16, just before hwy 49. This was a nice road. Put us right into Ione. Cute town. Will have to go back and visit.


Bridge going over part of the lake.


Tabitha's dad found the easy way to get down this VERY slippery hill.


Grandma was having problems with her footing, so we got the innertube up the hill, put grandma in....


...and let her go!
Of course, Tabitha needed to help her out of it. :)


Here's most of the family. We took the boat out for a while.


Tabitha waiting for the boat to get going!


Rope was a bit too short, so we let it out all the way.




Tab's dad with her cousins getting ready to head out.


Here's Lloyd piloting the boat past the houseboat.


Tab and a cousin. Doesn't look too happy.


Uncle Arnold and Zach on the houseboat.


Here's grandpa getting ready to deep fry fish. Mmmmm.


Grandpa Jessie James (yes, he's related!)


Tab's Uncle in the back, and Arnold's good friend Jerry relaxing before dinner.


On the way home, caught this pic of geese flying over head.