Columbus Day Ride


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Got a late start on the day. I think we got out around 11:00 or so. Got gas and we were on our way.


Great roads like this the whole way.


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Foresthill Bridge just before crossing the river.


Lots of people near the water.


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After going to Georgetown, approaching Stumpy Meadows Lake.


Better view.


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Hmmmmm, probably not going 55. Along this road, a huge bug dropped from the tree or something and smacked me right in the cheek just under my sunglasses. Hurt like !@#@$ Well, I started to blink my eye, and noticed my eyelid was sticking together. When I got to Mel's, I had to wash bug guts off my eyelid and from the inside of my sunglasses. So gross.


Yes, that is snow on the side of the hill. It was sooooo cold. We had to stop at Ice House Road and warm up in the sun a little.
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Great views on Ice House Rd. Big mistake going to Placerville for lunch. First, Apple Hill is in full force, and Placerville had a jazz festival going on. Traffic was awful. We finally made it to Mel's Diner for a "hepatitis burger" and fried zucchini.