Columbia State Park


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Supposed to be a nice day, so I picked up my friend, BlueEyedRedhead in Stockton and took off East on Hwy. 4 toward Hwy. 49.


Stopped off at the scenic overlook to get a picture of the smoky valley.
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Me at the overlook.


BlueEyedRedhead at the overlook.


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Finally decided on a destination. We arrived in Columbia and looked for a place to eat.


On the way, we found people panning for gold out back one of the stores.


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John Tibbets was BlueEyedRedhead's Great, Great, Grandfather. This was his place. Ate lunch at Douglass Saloon. After I took a pic of my sarsaparilla, the guy behind the counter gave me a hard time about taking a picture of a mug of root beer!


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Inside of Douglass Saloon.


At the old school house. This is the entrance to the second floor.


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Walking in to the school house, I sat down and assumed my natural state and position when in a classroom!


BlueEyedRedhead was just a bit more amused.
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Found this headstone in the old cemetary.


Looked all over this place and finally found it toward the end of the walkway.


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Took a right out of Columbia and ended up on Parrots Ferry Rd. (Rd E18). This is the bridge going over the North side of New Melones Lake. This road runs in to Hwy 4 at we took that to Hwy 49 at Angel's Camp. North on Hwy 49 to Hwy 12, then a slight left on to... ...Hwy 26. This is a neat motorcycle road. This runs right in to Stockton. Back up I-5 to end a nice 276 mile ride.

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