Well, we missed Hollister this year, so we decided to take a run to Colfax and get breakfast at Rosie's. Of course, we ended up going out on one of the hottest days of the year! This pic is in front of Marian's house. She works with Joanne, and Tab and I take classes with her. She wasn't home, so we just used her house as a rest area. It was an extremely hot 200 mile ride.


Met Edward in Yuba City at 9 am at Sam's. Got gas and took off toward Grass Valley. Riding to Yuba City was great. The weather was perfect. As we headed toward Grass Valley, the higher we got, the hotter it got! Here's a pic of Roy and Joanne on one of the few times Joanne has gone with us. Hope she goes more often...Tab is tired of talking about Star Trek and motorcycles!


Heading toward Colfax on Dog Bar Rd. Crossed over Bear Creek.
And here's the other side of it.


Saw signs like this all day.


This is right across the street from Rosie's. Big breakfasts at Rosie's. Well worth the drive.


Big painting in the middle of the street. Didn't get a good pic, but this was pretty neat.


Joanne had a hard time finding Marian's place, but she eventually saw the road we were supposed to go on. Marian told me she lived just off of Rattlesnake Rd. and it was very easy to find. Hah!!! She does NOT live off of Rattlesnake Rd. It's close, but it's not "right there" like she said it was. I knew she was a trouble-maker from the start. Good thing Joanne was there to lead the way.