Ride to the Coast

(without Roy, but don't feel bad...he's in Italy!)


Yes, we went to the coast and did the whole redwood thing without Roy. Of course, don't feel too bad. He was in Italy! Ed and I took off on Thursday night to head up to Redding, Friday in Eureka, Saturday in Ft. Bragg, and home on Sunday. 922 miles and lots of scenery


Thursday after work, I rode up to Williams to meet Edward and have dinner with Mom. We got to talking and decided to get to Redding that night instead of the morning so we could see the new Sundial bridge at night. Had to stop off at a rest stop to change glasses. Got in to Redding around 9 pm.


This is the Sundial bridge in Redding. It's pretty neat to see at night all lit up from the bottom through the glass walkway.
Another view of the bridge.


This is the underside of the bridge, right under the sundial part.


Friday morning, woke up, wiped our bikes down (stupid sprinklers) and took off for Hwy 36. This is the very beginning of 36. This has been called the "Ultimate Motorcycle Road."


We saw signs and roads like this all day.
This road was very well maintained. However, there were a lot of logging trucks along the way. We didn't really get stuck behind them, but we passed a lot and when we stopped, we saw a lot go by.


One of our butt-break stops.
Stopped in Platina at this little country store. Met Bob and Bree on the Goldwing. Grabbed a soda and headed out.


Just before leaving, noticed this lady with a knife on her side. Gotta love a woman that carries a large knife! (aughhh)
Always looking for photo ops, we stopped and took these overlooking all the trees.


The views at some of these places were amazing.
Took off on a side road that we thought was going to a vista point. Seems like we ended up on a logging road that had several campgrounds along the way.


Passed this cow (#40 according to the ear tag) We saw lots of cows on this trip.
Once we got to the end of that road, we could either have turned right to go to Hwy 299, or turn left and head back to Hwy 36. This was just after making the turn to 36.


You could almost see all the way to the ocean from here.
At the end of that road, we were just on the outskirts of Mad River. In fact, that is the Mad River bridge. The Burger Bar is an old converted trailer. Three ladies that work very hard to make each one by hand! Ed's standing in line, and that's Bob and Bree on the left eating.


Bob is from the central coast of CA, and Bree is from Live Oak! This is Bree's first long ride with her grandpa. They were heading to Canada.


Bob helping Bree with her helmet. She kept falling asleep and when her head would nod forward, she would hit her grandpa's helmet with hers! Thunk!!


As we headed more into the mountains, the road got quite a bit twistier. Also, there were a lot more rocks in the road too. As you can see, Edward and I used our brakes a lot on this part.


More winding roads. This is getting close to Hwy 101.
On Hwy 101 coming into Fortuna. You can see the fog up ahead in the distance. We stopped at the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge. We saw this plaque which told about this guy named Richard J.Guadagno that worked there. He was on flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania. This was one of the neatest things we saw on our trip.


The fog was just behind us. Even though it was sunny out, it was cold riding.


So, we had to put on a light jacket and we continued on to Eureka.


Once we got to Eureka and checked in to our hotel, we took off for the Samoa Cookhouse. This is the Samoa bridge. The Samoa Cookhouse is a lumber camp style cookhouse and is the last one in operation in North America. They serve you family style, all-you-can-eat, and the food is pretty good.


We got there really early. We were one of the first people in the parking lot. In fact, we got there so early, we had to go for a ride toward Arcata until they opened up!


There are lots of historical stuff in there too. Neat to see some of the tools of the trade.
Christy went to school here, so we took this picture in her honor.


Crossing over the Fernbridge that leads to Ferndale.


Ferndale is a small, Victorian, town with lots of little shops. We didn't stop to look around, but would like to go back someday.


This is the very beginning of the Lost Coast Highway. It starts off, and stays, narrow, twisty, and steep.


We hit dirt a couple of times. This road was bumpy enough without the dirt roads. Luckily, the roads didn't through up too much dust and they were pretty well packed down.


After the bumpy ride, had to stop and water the local shrubbery.
Coming in toward the ocean, the fog started drifting across the road. All along the coast, it was gray, foggy, and cold.


The ocean is just behind us, but you can't even see it because of the fog.
We crossed over a lot of one-lane bridges too. You can see this one on the right side of this pic.


This would be a really neat place to see when the fog clears.
More fog. The rock formations along this part of the coast are very dramatic.


We passed through the town of Petrolia. Don't blink.


Saw this road called Lighthouse Rd, or something like that. So I wanted to see if there was a lighthouse down there. We ended up hitting another dirt road. Again, not too dusty.


We ended up at Mattole Beach. It's has a small campground area that looks like it's first come, first serve. Absolutely no facilities at all! The ocean is right there though.


When we got to the beach part, we saw this labyrinth. Since Sharon and Bill are going to be walking the labyrinth in SF for the spiritual union, Edward and I decided to get a head start and practice with this one. Then, maybe, we won't have to do the one in SF! :-)


Sharon wants us to dress up in Tudor style. I don't think I'm really in to wearing tights. Maybe the brothers can all show up in our leathers!
Just behind the labyrinth, we saw this "hippie-pole." It had several headbands made of flowers on top, and the lower part was covered in woven fabric. There was a starfish at the bottom, so Edward left an offering too. Some hippie is going to find it and have a great time! ;-)


Edward and I on the beach.
This is in Honeydew. There was a small grocery store just to the left of this bridge. Edward took the left side, and I took the right. Interesting ride across this bridge. Kinda wobbly!


After the bridge, lots of switchbacks, hairpin turns, and all on a very rough road.
Got to this point and all we could say was....WOW! The view from here was incredible.


It was pretty hot up here, but then we started into....
The Humboldt Redwood Forest.


Went to get gas at Rio Dell, then headed back to the Avenue of the Giants.


We stopped by Murphy's Flat to check out the drive-thru tree. It was only $1.50, so we went on through. We stopped up at the top and figured out a plan. I would go through first, take Edward's picture, then we'd switch and he'd take my picture. Once I started to go through, there were about 4 or 5 women on the other side with all of their cameras at the ready! I felt like a movie star with all the flashes going off. Edward felt the same way when he went through. I ended up talking with Chris, and she will hopefully be sending me one of the pics she took.


We went off of Hwy 101 and headed on to Hwy 1. Hwy 1 is now my favorite road. It is smooth, twisty, and the scenery is magnificent.


We stopped here to put on warmer clothes and thought this view would make a great picture.


Woke up early on Sunday morning and went to Mendocino for breakfast and a little sight seeing. Had a hard time getting Edward out on to this wooden thing.


After looking at the ocean a little more, we went in to town to do a little shopping and people watching.


Had a pretty good breakfast. Great view.


We got to park right on the main street. Notice the tire mark in the middle of the sidewalk? Someone had fun.
On the way home, stopped off in Willits at the McD's for a soft serve cone. Went to the casino and we each walked away with $13 extra. I know....big gamblers!


Riding by Clear Lake, we both noticed this awful smell.


It was all the algae at the edge of the water. Gross!!!!


Coming in the Sacramento Valley. Williams is just 10 miles up the road. Made it to Mom's safe and sound. It was so hot. Had a great trip. We're going to do it again, but next time, Roy will go along.