Cherokee Rd


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It's the middle of February, and the temps are supposed to be in the mid-70's! We decided to meet at 2-Bits Cafe for breakfast, then head up to Oroville and see what Cherokee Road is like.


After eating way too much, we head up Hwy 99 towards Chico. Ed leads the way to the cutoff towards Hwy 70.
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Roy brought up the rear. The weather was perfect. Blue skies, warm air. Great day to be on the bike.


Once we got to Cherokee Road, twisty roads for the next 12 miles.
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The views on this road were great. The road itself was pretty well maintained, but it did have a few rough spots. It was over before we knew it.


I think this is part of Lake Oroville, but I'm not sure. It made for some really nice pics.


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Coming in to Oroville.


We decided to go to Feather Falls Casino. Plenty of parking as you can see.


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The casino was giving away this truck and bike. We all stood around and talked about what we would do if we won it. Ed would sell the bike and keep the truck, Roy would sell the truck and keep the bike, and I would sell them both and get a Goldwing!


Since I'm the only one with a camera, this is the only way I get my picture on to my own website! lol
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On the way home, we stopped off at the new super Wal-mart! It was huge inside. I got a battery charger for my car and a couple boxes of breakfast bars. The clouds in the sky made for a pretty ride home. I think it was about 165 miles for this trip.