Casino Run 2004


After the smoke cleared from the many fires around the area, we woke up to a semi-clear day and headed out to meet Edward in Williams. Got to Williams around 9:40 and took off to Colusa Casino.


Got to Colusa Casino and noticed there weren't very many bikes there. Went in and registered with Mary, got our pins, game cards, four rolls of the dice, and then went to eat breakfast.


On the way to Princeton for the next stop. Trying to get the highest number at each stop from two rolls of the dice, I end up with four ones and a two on one of the rolls! Tab was doing much better than I.


Got to Gold Country casino. Nothing much here. A roll of the dice and a bathroom break.
Here's Tab getting ready to go roll her dice. It was pretty cold the whole way. Good thing she got her new chaps at Street Vibes! Ran in to Bill Cosby at Colusa. While stopped at Gold Country, saw his bike. He's added a few things from the last time I saw him! Skulls on each side cover, headlight visor, and new controls.


Tab and I in front of the casino.


Edward trying to negotiate a deal for King's tickets!


On our way to the next stop.


Ended up at Feather Falls. This is a nice place to end the run. The Bow and Arrow Lounge is the perfect place to announce the winners!


Ed, Ed, Julia, Tabitha, and me. We had some time to kill before they started announcing the winners, so we went to the parking lot and took a pic. For the raffle, they were giving away tickets to various shows. Bill won tickets to Andrew Dice Clay. He was very excited since he almost bought tickets while he was there!


Jennie won first place and got $200! She was very happy. And look who took 2nd place!!!! This got us $100. So we went shopping the next day and she got 4 pairs of pants and I got a Craftsman rolling tool chest. The winning score was 202, Tabitha tied for 2nd with 199, but the other guy didn't stick around, so we got the whole thing!


Bill brought his family along. That's sister-in-law Robin, Bill, brothers Trey and Dave. Allen didn't come on this run because he was grounded. Apparently, he had a minor incident with some gravel coming back from Street Vibrations this year.

Allen, glad you're ok.

Ed chatting with Rich and Jan just before we left for home. On the way home, the wind really picked up and it was hard to even stay in our lane! Made it home around 5:30pm after a 218 mile ride. Ed, Tabitha, and I, think there were less than 100 motorcycles that showed up for this run. We hope they can continue this. It's a great ride.