Casino Run 2003


The start of the 1st annual casino run sponsored by the Yuba City HOG chapter. Started off with free coffee and donuts...breakfast of champions! Charlene, Ed, Roy, and Bob. This is at our first stop, Colusa Indian Casino. Allen (on the left) came up and checked out my bike. His buddy, Bill and Naomi, have a 2003 just like mine. Allen rides a 1300 VTX. We rolled our dice, got signed up for our players cards, and went to go get our free pull on the machine. There were two machines to choose from, Ed picks the right, hits nothing. I pick the one on the left and get 3 bars for $30! Roy and Charlene didn't get anything either. Then we went to play our "free" $10 on our players card, and both Roy and Ed win $54! We all cashed out and headed for our next stop.


This is the Napa store just outside of Princeton. Nothing here but a roll of the dice. Heading to our next destination, Gold Country Casino in Oroville. That's Roy, Bob, and Ed in the lead...of course!


Gold Country Casino...nothing here but a dice stop and a photo op (well, at least the girl in the gift shop was cute). Roy, Ed, and Charlene. This is Naomi, Bill Cosby (really!), and Allen. Their bikes, a black 2003 Honda Shadow Spirit 750, and a Honda 1300 VTX. Bill tried to stop Naomi from seeing my Mustang seat, but now Bill will be getting a better seat and backrest for his wife! :)


Waiting in line at Feather Falls Casino buffet. Pretty good buffet for only $3! They gave us $2, and then had a coupon for $2 off lunch. Who has the longer hair?


Bob was the lucky stiff to win the dice game. 5 stops, 2 rolls each of 5 dice. I think he got around 240 points. The next closest was only 206. 10 lucky rolls netted Bob $200!
While standing in line to take our last roll of the dice, noticed these two signing to each other. This is Ed and Julia. Ed is Deaf, went to school in Berkeley. Since I'm studying American Sign Language (ASL), we sat down with them for a long time and chatted with them until the final prize was given away. They live in the Grass Valley area, so we'll be seeing them again soon. They are members of the Auburn HOG chapter.


These are their bikes. 100th Anniversary Road King and Electra Glide Classic.
This is Roy talking to his daughter about what kind of car to buy.


Roy with all of his winnings. We all came out ahead this day. Even with the registration  fees, lunch, and gas, we all ended up going home with more than we started.


Charlene waiting to head home.


On the way home on Hwy 99. Charlene had a good time today meeting everyone.


Snapped this shot as we were just about to exit off Hwy 99/70. A great day riding. The weather was perfect, the roads were clear, and the people were all having a good time. 216 miles for me, and this sunset was a perfect way to end the day.